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Specialized company for power supply unit with the best quality and technology

Established in October of 2002 as a specialized company for power supply unit.
We develop and produce various commercial power supply unit such as LED lighting converter,
SMPS for medical appliance based on SMPS for LED TV/Monitor.

We are confident that we lead the our business field with excellent quality and advanced technology through sustained effort and competition over the past years.
For product design, quality and production, we are prepared with the best skilled professionals, We are equipped with one-stop system which can respond immediately to various request of customers as all comprehensive reliability equipments to evaluate products. also we produce all products in Korea, committed to make customers reliable products by pride of 'Made in KOREA' ,

Not just stay in the present, we will spare no investment resolutely for products and continuous R&D for the future, provide competitive products based on the best quality and technology to customers, every staffs will do their best in unison to jump to world' best company through continuous development of technology and self-innovation.

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Company H & E Co., Ltd (Human & Electronics Co., Ltd.)
President Kim Gyu-Chang
Establishment Oct. 2002
Business Manufacture of generators and electricity conversion devices
Revenue USD 80 million (FY2014)
Headquarters 103-61, 1gongdan-ro 6-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Employees 250
Primary Products SMPS for Display(TV, DID)
LED Lighting Converter
Medical Device Module