Think always for your power
Human & Electronics Co., Ltd R&D center was established at the same time of its business foundation in 2002, we are admitted as company-affiliated R&D centers in June of 2005.
We have continuously dedicated to develop the products with excellent quality and high reliability which can satisfy customers.

Our accumulated know-how and technology over the years have been recognized from the manufacturers of finished goods of Korea as well as Japan and Europe by developing an optimized power supply unit from the beginning of LCD TV/Monitor market.

Based on above technology, we are developing various power supply related products including beam projector power supply, LED lighting converter, medical device power supply, DC motor controller, and now try to jump to another market.

To actualize the function of complex, various electronic appliances, we possess best skilled professionals who can design stable and reliable power supply unit. also established our system which can design/manufacture customer's desired products within the shortest period.

In the future, Strengthening the competitiveness of existing business with continuous R&D, promoting sustained growth of company by collecting and securing new technology. And we will realize the dream of global best by proceeding excavation and cultivation of new business for future growth engine based on above technology.

Thank you.